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Maximum Horse Racing Syndicate is a friendly and affordable club for anyone who enjoys horse racing and would like to own a racehorse. 

Our idea was to create a syndicate which offered outstanding value for money horse ownership with two different options.

1) Our multi horse shares (3%) cost from just £249 and then £59 per month for training fees. This option is fully customizable allowing you to choose 1% in up to three different horses, or 2% in one horse and 1% in another. 

2) If you prefer a bigger share in just one horse, then we can offer 2.5% shares and upwards. These are from £150 upfront and £47.50 per month. 

About Maximum Racing

Horse Racing

We're delighted to have some of the best  trainers in the UK as part of our racing syndicate team. We looked for trainers with a reputation for first class equine care as well as their excellent training records.

We have national hunt horses in training with Evan Williams and Sam Allwood. Alongside flat horses trained by Mark Walford, Gemma Tutty, Phil Makin, Jessica Macey and Dominic Ffrench Davis. 

Our trainers bring integrity to the syndicate and offer an open door policy for racehorse owners to visit their training yards.

Syndicates are a great way of experiencing the thrill of racehorse ownership without the prohibitive costs. Racing creates unique memories to treasure forever and our vision is to share this experience with as many people as possible.

We race in the orange and black tiger stripes meaning you won’t ever miss one of our runners on track. Tigers are renowned as being competitive, self-confident, and brave which are all the traits of a great race horse.


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