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Is becoming a racehorse owner affordable?
Yes, our whole aim is to make it possible for anyone to
become a racehorse owner. We believe that we offer very good value for money as you will own a minimum of 2.5% of the horse. Other syndicates who offer low-cost one-off fees are typically only offering shares of less than .01% meaning hundreds if not thousands of other owners. To learn more about Maximum Racing click here.   

What does the share fee cover?
The share fee is one off charge and includes everything associated with the purchase of the horse. There will never be any extra to pay on top of this. So for example, this would include things like transport from the sales back to the trainers yard and any commission charged by the auction house on top of the purchase price. 

What is included within the monthly payment? 
We operate on an all-inclusive basis. The monthly charge covers the day to day upkeep of the horse. This will include things like basic vets, food, gallops fees, someone to exercise the horse each morning, a warm dry stable and transport to and from the races.  

How many owners are there in each horse?
We typically have between 15 and 20 owners per hose, with a maximum set at 25 owners. This helps to ensure we have enough owner’s badges to go around as well as meaning we can keep the personal touch and we all know one another come race day. 

How long does each syndicate last for?
Our syndicates aren’t time limited. We vote on future plans for each horse as a group of owners. We generally try to enjoy our horses for at least a few seasons. We too often hear from unhappy owners of other syndicates who have had their horses sold without any say in the matter. View our available horses

Can I leave the syndicate before the minimum term is up?
Yes, we understand that circumstances change. We generally ask for a few months notice or otherwise if you leave with immediate effect then your share fee won’t be refunded to cover any unpaid training fees.

Can I pay upfront instead of monthly?
Yes, some owners prefer to pay 12 months at a time which is absolutely fine. We can offer a variety of different payment options to suit your needs. 

Can I visit my horse at the stables? 
We select all our trainers on the basis they offer an open yard policy. We organise regular open days where you can meet with your
trainer and see your horse working. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to go on your own pretty much anytime. 

How often will I get updates about my horses progress?
We post a variety of updates about each horse every week. These include photos, video and voice notes direct from the trainer. We pride ourselves on keeping you well updated. 

Will I get an owners badge when my horse runs?
Every time your horse runs we get between six and eight owners badges. Usually this is enough to go around and anyone who wants to attend can. If for any reason, we are oversubscribed then we will organise a ballot. It also worth nothing that most racecourse allow you to buy additional owner’s badges for around £20 each if you want to take a +1 with you. We can help to organise this for you. 

How often will my horse run each year? 
This depends on a number of factors but anything between 5 and 10 times a season is possible. Younger horses typically run less, handicappers may run more. 

What is the difference between buying a share and leasing?
We offer both options. You get the same benefits either way but leasing is essentially like ‘renting’ and with buying a share then you own that percentage of the horse outright. 

Who decides where and when the horse runs?
This is decided between the trainer and the racing manager. The racing manager will discuss the various options with the owners and then relay this information back to the trainer. We try to give owners an active say in where and when we race.  

Do I get my share of the prize money?
80% of the prize money goes to the owner's, 8% to the Trainer, 6% to the Jockey and 6% to the stable from which the horse was trained. We pay your share of all remaining prize money to you at the end of the calendar year, less the race entry costs and jockey’s riding fee. 

What happens if the horse is sold?
If we agree as a collective to sell a horse, then you will receive your share of the resale price, less any sales costs. This will be repaid to you within 30 days of the sale concluding.



Frequently Asked Questions

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